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Quality and safe home elevator 2021

Home elevator are increasingly popular and widely used in high-end apartments or barns. The server needs to move family members as well as enhance the aesthetics by designing in many different styles.

Let’s take a look at the quality home elevator features as well as the unexpected benefits of using the elevator for your apartment.

Types of home lifts are popular in Vietnam market

Show this on market Vietnam has 2 host lines: joint-venture elevator and lifts importing raw materials. The installation cost is also very different, so we should consider it when consulting to choose an elevator

Find out the drawback comparison between the machine joint venture and the machine import ladder

Venture elevator

Elevators using mechanics and components imported from Korea, Japan, Germany, Italy and assembled in Vietnam.
Importing and processing and assembling in Vietnam makes the price of the elevator much cheaper, suitable for most households.

Server import elevator

Type elevators are imported from the time they are manufactured and assembled in foreign countries with a closed line. Standard quality as well as style will be better with the elevator line joint venture
Due to the import, the cost is quite high with the elevator linked a lot, and the time is also longer than assembling in Vietnam.

The popular family elevator sizes today

Choosing the right elevator size for the family and the intended use helps us to save costs when installing as well as save electricity and capacity when put into operation.

1. Scale load capacity 250kg

250kg load capacity will suit families with 3 people moving together.
Cabin: 950 (width) mm x 800 (depth) mm
Opening: 700 mm
Holes: 1400 mm x 1400 mm

2. Scale load capacity 300kg

300kg load capacity will suit families with 4-5 people moving together.
Cabin: 1100 (width) mm x 900 (depth) mm
Opening: 700 mm
Holes: 1500 mm x 1500 mm

3. Scale load capacity 450kg

450kg load capacity will suit families with 6 people moving together.
Cabin: 1200 (width) mm x 1000 (depth) mm
Opening: 700mm
Holes: 1600 mm x 1600mm

Quotes for family elevator 2021

  • Elevator business consulting process
  • Consulting information technology and surveying pit to see the eligibility to install tablets for customers
  • Designing technical drawing board for the elevator
  • Contract to install the elevator after the customer has agreed on the digital drawings
  • Construction and installation of tablets for customers until completed and put into operation

How does the elevator price change?

The topic that many customers are interested in when choosing an elevator is the installation price. There are many factors that determine the price of computers, or take a look at the factor bases:

1. Elevator effect element
With the traceability effect of the lift will affect the higher or lower values. Most of the elevators with famous Asian brands have higher value than Asian brands
2. Weak lift specifications
The digital information such as elevator pits, elevators with or without engine room, engine for many floors … will affect machine price. With high technical requirements, the price will increase.
Phuong Dong Elevator specializes in installing ladders with loading capacity from 250kg to 1000kg with imported components from European and Asian brands.
With standard elevator, the price starts from 300 million. The key and action option is will have the price difference but not too high.

With nearly 20 years of operating experience, Phuong Dong Elevator designs and manufactures many trendy market-oriented elevators. Suitable for non-architectural design of your home.

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